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A Community for Creativity

Nuova Musica Nuova Città ("New Music, New City") is a project being created in partnership between the founding artists of NYC's Prospect Theater Company, and residents of the host community of Gesualdo, Italy. 

Our aim is to create a supportive summer community for the development of new musical theater, as well as a training center for international artists interested in studying the art form of musical theater.


New Music New City builds on Gesualdo's long history of being a fertile setting in which to pursue artistic projects.  We will also welcome artists working in other artistic disciplines who wish to pursue individual projects alongside the music and theater aspects of the program, contributing additional creative energy to the community. 

Additionally, patrons of the arts are invited to engage in a unique tourism experience of the region and to participate with the New Music New City artistic community centered in Gesualdo through shared meals and excursions, and attending program activities such as creative salons, private readings of new work, and public performances.

New Music New City will provide opportunity for artists to work and learn intensely in an inspiring retreat setting,  encouraged by feedback from the creative community as a whole.  It will also allow program participants to experience the natural beauty and rich cultural history of Southern Italy, and to immerse themselves in the history and language of the region. 


  • Professional artists will discover a productive environment in which to pursue their creative vision and collaborate with peers, in a structured program that balances time for private work with community support.

  • Student artists will participate in workshops and private coaching on acting and vocal technique from resident professionals, and benefit from mentoring and apprenticeship opportunities as part of the artistic community.

  • Patrons of the arts will encounter a stunning region of Italy with bespoke tourism opportunities, while connecting with a core community engaged in artistic pursuit,  allowing for both private, extracurricular exploration of the area and group activities.


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