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Our Hosts:  Comune di Gesualdo

The town of Gesualdo, Italy (population 3500) is located in the interior of the country, about an hour from Naples and the Amalfi Coast, in the district of Irpinia, province of Avellino, and the region of Campania. 


At the center of the city is the Castello di Gesualdo, a Renaissance-era castle built on an earlier medieval structure, which boasts a rich artistic history.  From 1596 - 1613 it was the court of the infamous Renaissance and early Baroque composer, Prince Carlo Gesualdo, who composed much of his body of work while in residence at the castle.

The area around Gesualdo is an agricultural region offering incredible farm to table cuisine and outstanding wines.  The mountainous geography provides stunning views, and the quiet town is an ideal setting for a creative retreat and course of artistic study.  Within a short drive of Gesualdo are numerous other villages and day trips of cultural interest, including Pompeii and Paestum, which offers well-preserved ruins of three extraordinary ancient Greek temples.  This is an area of Italy with relatively few tourists, allowing for an authentic and personal experience of Southern Italian culture.

Artists from NYC's Prospect Theater Company were first hosted in Gesualdo in November 2015 for a two-week residency and performance of their musical Death for Five Voices, as part of the "Invito a Corte" Festival which re-opened the Castello di Gesualdo to the public.  We are honored to be invited back by the community to pursue artistic activities during the summer months.

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